2 Crochet bags

Here are my most recent crochet projects that have been completed!!


A bag from Crochet Geek with a little edited pieces to keep my daughter from loosing the strap.
In the video, the strap is used more like a pull string to close the bag. But when I gave it to Jacey, the first thing she did was pull it out. So I turned it into more of a purse!


A bag for me, to grab and go with my wallet and phone (the two things I always need).
I got this one from a website -
I edited this one up a lot more, I wasn't a big fan of all the lace, and I used two colors

I made the strap thicker by crocheting four (2black&2white) pieces of yarn
The pull string strap I also made thicker by using1 black and 1 white yarn
This is a close up of the pull string part, on the pattern the 4th row is used as the pull string part. I did mine on the 2nd (& stopped there too)
I turned to purse inside out and liked that sideing better. For the lace siding, I would have used the reverse side to do it.

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